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The Blog for AutoGas Fleets

There are currently over five million fleet vehicles in the United States with a bevy of resources aimed at fleet owners, operators, managers and everyone in between - consulting agencies, GPS technology and fuel management software providers, purchasing and leasing outsourcing companies, etc. However, there is a distinct lack of resources when it comes to the relationship between fleets and alternative fuels. With rising gasoline and diesel prices, more stringent emissions laws, and an overall global trend toward environmental sustainability, this relationship is becoming very real for our country's fleets. Many have already seen the potential alternative fuels can offer.

This blog is here to help.

America can’t wait to diversify our transportation fuel portfolio — and we don’t have to

This week our thoughts are with the millions of Americans and families impacted by Hurricane Sandy. In the wake of such extensive damage, we are reminded of the fragility of our nation’s energy infrastructure and of the very real risks … Continue reading

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Top Publications for Transportation and Alternative Fuel News

We like to keep up to date on the latest in the world of transportation and alternative fuel as it affects the fleet industry, but it can be hard to know where to turn for the most relevant news coverage. … Continue reading

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What is the most affordable alternative fuel vehicle technology?

Alternative fuel vehicles offer many benefits for fleets, including lower fuel costs and reduced emissions. However, the up-front cost of fueling infrastructure and vehicle conversions remains a hurdle for many fleets. So, what’s your best bet for a timely return … Continue reading

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Latest Autogas News

Here’s the latest run-down of all the (autogas) news fit to print, and then some: Alliance AutoGas, Roush CleanTech, and other autogas industry leaders showed off their wares at the Washington D.C. Auto Show. Politics and cars galore…and don’t forget … Continue reading

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Jaguar Will Soon Make It Possible To Be Green And Luxury

Do you like luxury? Jaguar is releasing a new vehicle that can use propane AutoGas. Now I know this blog is for fleets, but I found another story about propane AutoGas’ wide acceptance…outside America. It’s easy to find AutoGas vehicles … Continue reading

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A Third Eye Could Save Your Life

I am sure many of you have seen announcements that for the first time in 60 years traffic deaths declined. I saw the data a few days ago, and I remember hoping that this would become a new, annual trend. … Continue reading

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