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There are currently over five million fleet vehicles in the United States with a bevy of resources aimed at fleet owners, operators, managers and everyone in between - consulting agencies, GPS technology and fuel management software providers, purchasing and leasing outsourcing companies, etc. However, there is a distinct lack of resources when it comes to the relationship between fleets and alternative fuels. With rising gasoline and diesel prices, more stringent emissions laws, and an overall global trend toward environmental sustainability, this relationship is becoming very real for our country's fleets. Many have already seen the potential alternative fuels can offer.

This blog is here to help.

What is the most affordable alternative fuel vehicle technology?

Alternative fuel vehicles offer many benefits for fleets, including lower fuel costs and reduced emissions. However, the up-front cost of fueling infrastructure and vehicle conversions remains a hurdle for many fleets. So, what’s your best bet for a timely return … Continue reading

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Georgia Sheriff Credits Propane AutoGas for Massive Arrest…

…of Carbon Emissions! What were you expecting me to say? A story about the vehicles’ extended range – from its unique bi-fuel system using propane AutoGas – leading to an arrest after a 400 mile high-speed chase through streets of … Continue reading

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With AutoGas You Can Power Your Car And Keep Buying Tires

With a title like that, I know what you’re thinking: “But Chris, does that mean if we keep using gasoline, we can longer buy tires?” Of course that’s what I mean. No, I’m just kidding…but seriously. In case you haven’t … Continue reading

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What do Gene Hackman and Propane AutoGas Have In Common?

If your answer was a stunning, Hall-of-Fame worthy filmography that only improves with age, then I’m sorry-you are wrong. However, if you said that both signed contracts that would forever change the rest of the nation’s perception of Indiana, then…that’s … Continue reading

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Managing A Fleet Is Becoming More Expensive…If You Didn’t Already Know

In May of 2008 Mike Antich of Automotive Fleet online magazine wrote a wonderful article entitled Trends in Commercial Fleet Management 2008-2010. (Spoiler alert: trend = everything about running a fleet will get harder and more expensive). It’s very good, … Continue reading

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