A Third Eye Could Save Your Life

I am sure many of you have seen announcements that for the first time in 60 years traffic deaths declined. I saw the data a few days ago, and I remember hoping that this would become a new, annual trend. Luckily, it can be thanks to Mobileye.

Safety is an extremely important part of fleet management. You have to account not only for your drivers but also everyone on the road with them. Mobileye provides a service that can greatly reduce dangers to drivers and pedestrians. How do they do this? Well, with magic of course. Mobileye CEO Isaac Litman says, “… and best of all, drivers can drive reassured with the feeling that an extra eye is constantly at work in the car…” Like I said-Magic.

I have no clue if this is how it sees, but then again I've never had an extra eye driving with me

Check out the original article over at Fleet Daily for a much more detailed look at the magic of Mobileye and consider investing in a safety program for your fleet. Let’s not make it another 60 years before we have good news to report as far as traffic accidents go.

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