Georgia Sheriff Credits Propane AutoGas for Massive Arrest…

…of Carbon Emissions!

What were you expecting me to say?

A story about the vehicles’ extended range – from its unique bi-fuel system using propane AutoGas – leading to an arrest after a 400 mile high-speed chase through streets of Atlanta before ending in a shootout with armed suspects carrying a weapons cache in their backseat of their vehicle – that ran out of gas- as the officers took refuge behind their extremely puncture resistant tank located inside the vehicle that still allowed them to drive the suspects back to the precinct after the day’s unbelievable circumstance because the clean-burning fuel ensured a healthy engine that can run long after its expected lifetime?

You can tell it's high-speed becuase it's blurry

Well, I’m sorry. I don’t have that for you. I want that too. But all I have is a story about how one Sheriff’s efforts and leadership will save thousands of dollars for the citizens in his county while simultaneously protecting their health…for now.

Until the great AutoGas chase occurs, read the full story about Sheriff Darr of Georgia and his department’s new vehicles here.

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