Fleet spotlight: The Polk County Sheriff’s Office

For this week’s fleet spotlight, we’re taking a closer look at an Oregon sheriff’s fleet that’s saving thousands of dollars on fuel costs and reducing its vehicle maintenance needs with 10 propane autogas vehicles.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office will reduce its fuel costs by more than $20,000 annually with the new propane-powered patrol cars. Conversions and fueling are provided through Alliance AutoGas, with West Coast flagship fuel provider Blue Star Gas at the helm. Converted vehicles include seven Ford Crown Victorias, two Chevy Tahoes and one Ford F-350 pickup truck.

Sergeant Mark Garton of the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said they were looking for a way to save money on the fuel costs since patrol cars average almost 25,000 miles each year. Now, not only will officers save money on fuel costs at the pump, there’s also a 50-cent-per-gallon federal alternative fuel tax credit that will go back into the pocket of the county–and back to services that benefit taxpayers.

Deputies haven’t detected any loss in vehicle performance with the propane-powered cruisers, and they’re also enjoying the versatility offered by the bi-fuel Prins VSI autogas system Alliance AutoGas uses for vehicle conversions.

“The ability to switch back to gasoline is a tremendous option for our fleet because in an emergency situation, we not only have a full tank of propane but also a backup full tank of gasoline,” said Sergeant Garton.

For more first-hand fleet testimonials from other propane autogas fleets, visit the Alliance AutoGas website.

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