Alt fuel news roundup: 6/6/2013

It’s June once again, which means it’s time for the annual Alternative Clean Transportation Expo in Washington, D.C. Held June 24-27, the ACT Expo will include a panel featuring Alliance AutoGas Stuart Weidie speaking about the cost-effectiveness of propane autogas infrastructure, as well as a special propane autogas-centric event called “Lead the Way” to kick things off the first day. Here are more headlines making news in the alternative fuel and fleet industries:

  • An Oregon sheriff fleet expects to save thousands with 10 new propane cruisers.

  • The Alternative Fuel Vehicle Roadshow is making its way through Georgia over the next couple of weeks, featuring vehicles that run on propane autogas, natural gas, biofuels and electricity.

  • The Flint Mass Transportation Authority is working with Crystal Flash, which is part of Alliance AutoGas, to switch 57 buses to run on autogas. They hope to have 92 clean buses by the fall.

  • States are increasingly hitting owners of alternative fuel vehicles with extra taxes to offset decreasing gasoline tax revenues.

  • A conference in Houston, Texas, this week focused on alternative fuel fleets.

  • The largest school district in Arizona will have nearly 90 propane-powered buses in its fleet soon. According to School Transportation News: “The district said it is saving more than $0.37 per mile in operating costs and with the new buses expects to save $4.43 million in total operating costs over a five-year period.”

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