Kick-off mowing season with clean propane equipment

Operating lawncare equipment on propane instead of gasoline helps companies lower their fuel costs and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And not only can lawn and landscape businesses benefit from propane mowers–these same organizations can also run their fleet vehicles on clean, affordable propane autogas.

According to estimates from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), around 17 million gallons of gasoline are spilled every year in the U.S. from refueling landscape equipment. Not only that, gasoline-powered mowers account for an estimated five percent of U.S. air pollution. Refueling with propane is a spill-free, zero-emissions process, and propane-powered mowers reduce emissions by up to 30 percent. Propane mowers are so green they can even be used on “ozone action” days when other mowers are out of commission!

Commercial mowers can use over a thousand gallons of fuel a year, so at a savings of around $2 per gallon compared to gasoline, switching to propane is a smart choice. And because mowing season also means that summer is right around the corner, propane-powered fleets and landscapers also avoid the annual summer gasoline price spike. Propane mowers also have longer operating times between fueling compared to traditional gasoline mowers, with no loss of cutting power.

Visit the Propane Education and Research Council’s autogas website for more information on propane mowers, including incentive opportunities.

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