Alt fuel news roundup: 5/2/2013

In this week’s news roundup, we’re covering headlines about clean fleet conversions, alternative fuel vehicle legislation and more. And don’t forget to register for the upcoming May 7 propane autogas webinar from Alliance AutoGas and Force 911! This series of free webinars gives fleet operators, government officials and small business owners a chance to learn how to launch a successful autogas fleet program directly from the experts.

  • Alliance AutoGas welcomed Ohio-based Arrick’s Propane, which will provide clean propane autogas fueling and conversions to fleets in three states.

  • A dry cleaners in Georgia is the first in the Columbus area to go green with propane-powered service vehicles.

  • The UPS fleet’s shift to more natural gas vehicles will impact regional automotive and clean fuel businesses as well.

  • Metro magazine has an update on a Kansas government fleet’s conversion to autogas.

  • Rutgers held an alternative fuel conference this week for industry experts to discuss the use of clean fuels to help reduce pollution and save energy.

  • Colorado vehicle fleets are now required to purchase alternative fuel vehicles as part of their usual vehicle replacement programs.

  • The federal government plans to double its hybrid vehicle fleet.

  • The Appling County Board of Education in Georgia announced it has obtained two Blue Bird propane autogas-fueled school buses, which should save the school district around $51,000 in fuel costs over the lifetime of the vehicles.

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