Free webinar today offers advice for fleets considering alternative fuel

This blog covers a range of alternative fuel issues for fleets, but what about those operators out there who want to run vehicles on domestic clean fuel but don’t know quite how to begin? Whether it’s questions of vehicle performance, maintenance, safety, upfront costs, fuel supply or the vehicle conversion process, making the switch to an alternative fuel may seem overwhelming at first.

That’s why the experts at Alliance AutoGas and vehicle conversion center Force 911 are hosting a monthly webinar series to offer firsthand insight on how fleets can easily switch to propane autogas. If you operate a light-or- medium-duty car, truck or van fleet and are looking to reduce your fuel costs without sacrificing power or performance, you’ll definitely want to “tune in” and find out more about autogas.

The April webinar is today at 2pm ET, and participants can register here to listen in. Panelists, who will gladly answer any questions, will discuss topics like fuel cost savings of filling up with autogas versus gasoline and safety concerns of propane vehicles. Participants will also hear directly from the Sandy Springs Police Department in Georgia, which has successfully implemented autogas police cruisers. Sandy Springs recently switched 25 Ford Crown Victoria cruisers to autogas, saving more than $11,000 in fuel costs and displacing nearly 10 tons of greenhouse gas emissions over a period of three months.

“The City of Sandy Springs needed a reliable fuel source in case of natural disasters, and propane autogas offers the most viable combination of an American-made clean fuel that also helps reduce our fuel budget,” said Captain Bart Humble. “Because of the rising cost of gasoline, our fleet fuel costs nearly doubled in six years. Now, we’re saving $1.70 per gallon or more filling up our patrol cars with autogas.”

Autogas is more affordable to implement and offers better range compared to other alternative fuels like compressed natural gas. Humble said there’s “no comparison between propane autogas and compressed natural gas.”

“We tested CNG vehicles when I was in another department, and the performance was not nearly like running on autogas,” he said. “You had to refill every 100 miles, and the trunk space was nonexistent. With autogas vehicles, you have a very similar experience to driving traditional gasoline vehicles, and my officers can still carry around the equipment they need.”

Missed this month’s webinar? Not to worry–catch the next free propane autogas webinar next month on Tuesday, May 7.
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