Air Quality Awareness Week

As “Earth Day” month comes to a close, this week marks “Air Quality Awareness Week,” a time to consider steps we take to improve the air quality in our local communities. Clean air is vital to our daily lives and the health of future generations, but it can often be overlooked in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. (That is, until it finally manifests itself in a summertime “ozone action day” or smog clouds like this one!)

It’s nearly impossible to imagine this massive country of ours functioning without passenger vehicles, trucks and bus fleets–we need transportation to get us to and from work, to deliver goods and services, and often just to make it from place to place across the suburban sprawl. However, there are ways we can lessen the environmental impact, the “carbon footprint,” our vehicles are leaving behind. Step one is walking and driving more, and also taking public transportation when possible. Drivers who can afford the upfront cost of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles can also do their part to protect the environment by purchasing cleaner vehicles.

America’s fleet industry can make the most difference in improving the air quality of our communities, right now. With thousands of vehicles on the road every day, vehicle fleets can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and harmful pollutants by running on domestic clean fuel like propane autogas, natural gas and biodiesel.

Propane autogas is among the lowest total carbon emissions fuels, showing at least a 20 percent reduction in emissions versus gasoline or diesel. In fact, autogas is so much cleaner than conventional fuels, fleets often need less maintenance (think fewer oil changes and less vehicle down time!) and report their propane-powered engines actually last longer. Also, fueling up with propane autogas is greener than gasoline because autogas fuel stations are spill-free with zero-emissions.

Worried about being able to refuel your clean propane autogas vehicles? Don’t be. There are currently more than 2,500 autogas fueling stations throughout the U.S., and that number is growing every day as more fleets switch to this American-made fuel. And with an affordable cost of implementation, it’s financially viable for vehicle fleets to get up and running on clean-burning autogas today at little-to-no upfront cost.

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