ROUSH CleanTech highlights alternative fuel fleet success stories of 2012

“We’re saving money with clean-burning, American-made fuel and products–how cool is that?”

–Fleet Director of ROUSH CleanTech fleet customer Dish Network

Whether it’s from a dedication to environmental responsibility or a need for fuel cost savings, more fleets than ever are choosing to run their vehicles on propane autogas. The alternative fuel technology experts at ROUSH CleanTech have created a video highlighting company activities during 2012, with a special focus on the many propane-powered fleets that are saving thousands on fuel costs and significantly reducing emissions with new clean-burning autogas vehicles.

Hear from real-life fleet managers and transportation directors who are pleased with the performance of their new autogas vehicles, from clean Blue Bird Vision school buses to Ford trucks and vans with ROUSH autogas systems.

U.S. autogas fleets are currently saving around $1.75 on fuel compared to gasoline; and because autogas is a cleaner burning fuel, many fleets also report reduced maintenance needs and even increased engine life.

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