Oregon medical fleet to save thousands on fuel costs with autogas vans

A medical transit fleet operator in Oregon is speaking out this week about the significant savings he’s experiencing operating five vans on propane autogas.

Willamette Valley Transport vans travel around 25,000-30,000 miles each year serving patients throughout Marion, Polk and Yamhill counties in Oregon. Drivers take patients to doctors’ office visits and transport them home from the hospital. Owner Timothy McClain decided to begin switching his fleet to clean propane autogas because it’s a dependable clean fuel that will also save money at the pump.

“Our customers depend on us for reliable service for their medical transportation needs, so we wanted a fuel that offered high performance at a lower cost than gasoline,” says McClain.

Blue Star Gas is helping WVT make the switch through the Alliance AutoGas complete program of vehicle conversions, clean fueling, training and ongoing support. Running two Ford E-250s and three Chevy Express 3500s on propane autogas, WVT expects to save $18,000 on fuel costs annually, and an additional $8,400 in federal alternative fuel tax credits. McClain plans to switch a total of 10 vans to autogas; and once all are up and running, the fleet will save an estimated $36,000 annually on fuel costs and an extra $16,800 with the tax credit.

“Switching vans to propane autogas with the help of Blue Star Gas has been a great experience. We’re already reducing our fuel costs by running on autogas instead of gasoline, and expect even greater savings as we convert more fleet vehicles to this clean fuel.”

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