New monthly webinar: The benefits of propane autogas for fleets

Alliance AutoGas and Force 911 are partnering up on more than just clean vehicle conversions these days–now, the automotive and alternative fuel experts are offering a new monthly webinar series called “Propane Autogas for Fleets” to answer all the frequently asked questions about converting to propane autogas. The informative webinar will provide insight into how running fleets on autogas saves money and benefits the environment, as well as practical advice for how to get up and running on this affordable clean fuel.

Each session will cover the details of converting to propane autogas for an array of industries, including law enforcement fleets, lawn and landscaping companies, public transportation fleets, taxis and limousines, HVAC companies and many more. Hear experts from Alliance AutoGas discuss the only complete program to switch fleets to autogas, while the skilled professionals at Force 911 share information about versatile bi-fuel propane autogas vehicle technology and conversions for your fleet.

The webinar will be held on the first Tuesday of every month at 2 p.m. EST, beginning March 5. Visit Force 911 online for more information, or link directly to the webinar registration page here.

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