Iowa County Sheriff to save thousands with propane autogas-powered cruiser

Alliance AutoGas partner Charter Fuels is helping a Wisconsin Sheriff’s Office save thousands annually on fuel costs with just one propane autogas fleet vehicle. The Iowa County Sheriff’s Office near Madison, Wis., expects to save between $5,000–$5,400 a year after converting a vehicle to run on autogas this summer.

Iowa County Sheriff Steve Michek and Josh Budworth of Charter Fuels

Alliance AutoGas certified conversion center Fox Valley Truck converted Iowa County’s 2010 Ford Crown Victoria as part of the complete Alliance program for fleets. The vehicle currently refuels at the Charter Fuels autogas station in Cobb, Wis., but as the County converts more vehicles to autogas in the future, Alliance AutoGas will install a convenient on-site fuel station for deputies.

“We first started looking into alternative fuel when we thought gasoline prices were high—and it’s a good thing, because they’re even higher now,” said Sheriff Steve Michek. “Propane autogas saves us about $1.50 per gallon on fuel costs, and in the long run we’ll save on oil changes and overall maintenance costs because it’s a cleaner technology. The deputy who drives the vehicle has even noticed a slight improvement in vehicle performance driving on autogas.”

Josh Budworth of Charter Fuels, who worked directly with Sheriff Michek to coordinate the vehicle conversion and fueling, said, ““Iowa County is already experiencing significant cost savings with their new clean autogas cruiser, which also helps improve the air quality in their community.”

The Iowa County Sheriff’s Office is just one of an increasing number of U.S. fleets discovering the financial and environmental benefits of clean-burning propane autogas. As more fleets are able to get running on autogas at little-to-no upfront cost while also reducing their fuel budgets and cutting emissions, autogas will continue to play a vital role in America’s energy future.

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