Alliance AutoGas wins WLPGA Good Practices Award

The World LP Gas Association has named Alliance AutoGas the winner of the annual Good Practices Award. The award is given to companies or individuals that are working to improve the LP Gas industry from within their own operations. Alliance is being honored for the particular focus the network places on providing fleets with thorough safety training and ongoing technical support as they switch to clean propane autogas.

For fleets looking to make the transition to alternative fuel, there’s no better way than through a streamlined program that covers everything from vehicle conversions to fueling to safety training and technical support. The Alliance AutoGas complete program for fleets provides an autogas education for in-house technicians and drivers, as well as the technical, safety and ongoing support fleets need to be successful as they make the switch to clean propane autogas. This includes:

  • Operational training for drivers and other personnel

    An Alliance AutoGas maintenance training session

  • Autogas safety training for operators, drivers, technicians and other personnel
  • Autogas fueling training for drivers and other personnel
  • Any necessary maintenance training
  • For larger fleets, Alliance AutoGas certified conversion technicians can also train in-house mechanical teams to perform conversions

Check out the Alliance AutoGas website to learn more about just how easy it is for fleets to get running on affordable, American-made autogas.

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