Alt Fuel News Roundup: 6/21

Sit back and catch up on the latest industry updates with our weekly news roundup. This week brings more instances of organizations saving money on fuel costs with propane autogas vehicles, from Minnesota to Georgia to Wisconsin.

  • Alliance AutoGas partner Charter Fuels is helping a Wisconsin roofing and construction business save thousands with a new propane autogas-powered truck.

  • As we mentioned in Tuesday’s blog post, the City of Edmond, Okla., has halted conversions of fleet vehicles to CNG in favor of propane autogas. The Edmond Sun recently published a letter from Stuart Weidie of Alliance AutoGas outlining the benefits of autogas vs. CNG.

  • This week, ROUSH CleanTech announced it completed the Federal Transit Administration’s “Altoona testing” on its propane autogas-powered Ford E-450. Agencies can now apply for FTA funding to assist with gasoline-to-autogas conversion costs of that vehicle model.

  • A Minnesota school district says it saved more than $67,000 during the last school year after switching buses to propane autogas.

  • The U.S. Energy Department and the National Park Service announced a Clean Cities partnership to deploy fuel-efficient and alternative fuel vehicles in five national parks.

  • There’s a new mobile app to locate alternative fuel stations.

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