Alt Fuel News Roundup: 5/17

This week’s news roundup features several propane autogas fleet success stories from organizations across the country, including Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and Arizona. Read about how they’re saving green and driving clean with American-made autogas:

Image courtesy of Veolia Transportation

  • Davidson County Transportation in North Carolina is saving thousands on fuel costs after converting 10 buses in their fleet to propane autogas through Alliance AutoGas. Transportation Manager George Hodges says the county saved around $1500 the first month alone, and they plan to convert two larger fleet vehicles to autogas this summer.

  • The City of Newport News, Va., is also saving significantly with propane autogas fleet vehicles, including 12 Ford Crown Victorias and 10 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 trucks. A part of the Southeast Propane Autogas Development Program, this fleet expects to save around $22,000 annually on fuel costs.

  • The ACT Expo is underway in Long Beach, Calif., this week featuring the latest in alternative fuel and green vehicle technology. The propane autogas industry had a strong presence this year, with organizations such as the Propane Education and Research Council, ROUSH CleanTech and Alliance AutoGas partner Blue Star Gas displaying autogas vehicles and speaking at the event. Blue Star brought a propane-powered Ford Expedition and shared knowledge on propane autogas fueling infrastructure.

  • Since switching to propane-powered school buses last year, the Mesa school district in Arizona has reported saving $5,600 in fuel costs–or 32 cents less per gallon compared to diesel.

  • A “Clean Mobility Center” alternative fuel station has opened in Orange County, selling E85 flex fuel and biodiesel alongside gasoline.

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