How to make an impact this earth day

For all our environmentally friendly readers, this Sunday, April 22 is Earth Day. The first official Earth Day was observed in 1970, and with issues like sustainability, recycling and fuel economy hot topics of conversation across the country, Earth Day presents a special opportunity to “walk the walk.” Here are our three favorite ideas to make an impact on your environment this weekend:

  • Turn off the lights: with longer days and cool spring breezes, many of us can afford to cut down on our energy use at home (whether you use electric, natural gas, or propane). Try turning the air and lights off for a few hours to preserve energy resources.

  • Don’t leave the faucet running! A simple, but often overlooked act, turning off the faucet while you brush your teeth or put dishes in the dishwasher could save a lot of water – and is even more important in regions hit by droughts over the past few years. Also, make sure none of your faucets are dripping – this can waste many gallons if not fixed.

  • Be an advocate for clean fuels: not everyone knows about the wonders of propane autogas, you know. If you’re an autogas fleet manager or operator, spread the word about this clean fuel to fleet managers at other companies and public agencies. Or, forward the Autogas for America newsletter to educate your colleagues about this fuel and the technology.

Have a great weekend and a fun Earth Day this Sunday! Find Earth Day events in your town at

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