Driving Clean, Saving Green: Jackson County, GA

jacksoncountySo, we know we tell you all the time about the benefits of propane autogas for fleets and American energy security–but this time, we’re going to let a real-life fleet do the talking for us.

The Jackson County, Ga. Sheriff’s Office started researching alternative fuels in 2008 – back when gas prices were at their worst in years. Sheriff Stan Evans knew the situation wasn’t sustainable, and went in search of alternatives. As it turned out, propane autogas conversions for the office’s Ford Crown Victorias were just what his fleet needed.

As of 2011, the sheriff’s office had 60 vehicles in their fleet running on autogas, with plans to convert another 20 (or more) vehicles with Alliance AutoGas. Sheriff Evans said of the decision: “I felt we needed to do our part to keep our money here at home, contributing in a small way by not buying foreign oil – and propane autogas was a great alternative.”

Do you know how much running 60 vehicles on inexpensive propane will save you on your fuel bills every year? Over $110,000. Let that sink in for a second. And, as a fleet run by a publicly funded organization, saving that much money means saving taxpayer dollars.

To read the full case study from Alliance, click here. You can also view a complete chart of propane autogas vs. gasoline prices for the past two years on the “Save Money” page. As always, be sure to follow us on Twitter at @AllianceAutoGas.

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