So, how exactly is propane autogas different from gasoline?

The folks at Autogas for America have done it again: another Alternative Fuel Fact Brief. This time, propane autogas and gasoline go mano a mano.

Titled “America Can’t Wait: A cost and environmental analysis of propane autogas vs. gasoline,” the paper gives a rundown of the cost savings, environmental benefits, and investment potential of autogas vehicle technology.

The paper states:

Domestic offshore oil drilling will take years to yield fuel supply; using the entire Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) would last approximately one month (U.S. Energy Information Administration, 2010), and alternative vehicle technologies like electric or hydrogen vehicles are not yet realistic for largescale deployment. None of these options can make an immediate and significant impact on transportation fuel prices. Autogas is right here, right now, and it’s already powering 16 million vehicles worldwide. America can’t afford to wait for other technologies to catch up.

Amen. To read the rest of the paper, click here to download.

If you’re a fleet representative interested in converting vehicles to run on propane autogas, learn about the only complete conversion and fueling program in America.

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