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In a press release distributed November 8, Autogas for America stakeholder ROUSH® CleanTech has called the exclusion of propane Autogas from U.S. Senate Bills S. 3815 and S. 3495 “a disservice to national energy policy.” The bills, introduced on September 21 and June 15, respectively, exclude propane Autogas from a range of incentives, instead favoring electric vehicles and natural gas vehicles.

“In a few short months, Autogas for America has grown to over 90 stakeholders, including ROUSH,” says Autogas for America Chairman Stuart Weidie. “It’s fitting that one of our key supporters is standing up, loudly saying that now is the time for our legislators to accept Autogas as a viable alternative fuel, and that our industry doesn’t accept Washington politicians picking favorites.”

In yesterday’s press release, ROUSH Enterprises CEO Jack Roush is quoted as saying, “Propane Autogas historically costs around 30 percent less than gasoline, and is as clean as natural gas, but without the harmful methane emissions. Propane is available ‘right here, right now,’ and I feel that any alternative fuel legislation would do our country an injustice if it were to pass into law without including propane Autogas, and for that matter, all alternative fuels, in the legislation.”

In the same release, ROUSH CleanTech President Joe Thompson is quoted as saying, “As outlined by some of our country’s energy leaders, including T. Boone Pickens, in order for our country to meet the national energy policy goals that have been set, all domestic sources of energy must be considered when creating new government incentives for alternative fuel adoption. Modifying this legislation to include propane Autogas and other alternative fuels would broaden the impact of the legislation.”

Thompson added, “The government should not be in the business of picking the winners when it comes to alternative motor fuels. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made this point earlier this year at his own Las Vegas Energy Summit. I implore Senator Reid to follow his own advice when evaluating these narrowly-defined pieces of legislation.”

“Autogas for America applauds the efforts of ROUSH in urging legislators to give fair and equitable consideration of each alternative fuel that has a proven track record of safety, reliability and emissions reductions,” Weidie said. “Autogas is the world’s most widely used alternative fuel, and it deserves proper recognition.”

Autogas for America is encouraging stakeholders and any other interested organizations or individuals to submit a letter their U.S. Senators encouraging the inclusion of propane Autogas in U.S. Senate Bills S. 3815 and S. 3495. The resources to do so are available at www.autogasforamerica.org.

As the unified voice of the U.S. Autogas market, Autogas for America is working toward a clean break from foreign oil. To learn more about Autogas for America and help drive energy independence, visit www.autogasforamerica.org.

Click here to view Roush Press Release.

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