Autogas Nation: What’s Been Happening With Autogas In The U.S.

Welcome back to I realized that apart from talking about the benefits of AutoGas itself, fleet technologies to help make drivers safer, legislation, etc. I have written very little about actual examples of Autogas here in America. This ends now.

Below are links to articles about some of the most recent projects going on across the U.S.

  • In Georgia, Muscogee County Sheriff John Darr (it’s German in case you were wondering) is converting 20 of his cruisers to run on autogas. Read more.
  • Buncombe County, NC’s public transportation system, Mountain Mobility (…because who wants to walk up a mountain), has converted a quarter of its vehicles to run on autogas.  Read more.
  • Thyssenkrupp Elevator -the leader in elevated travel- has begun its own autogas program, unveiling one of their vehicles at the 2010 Green Fleet Conference. With autogas, the sky’s the limit (or at least the top floor). Read more.
  • In Frederick County, VA more police vehicles are being converted. The article states that the department will be getting friendlier to the environment- not criminals- by using AutoGas (total ripoff). But how else could they be friendlier, I wonder? Tasers charged by renewable sources. Non-Toxic mace. Biodegradable bullet casings. Make it happen! Read more.
  • Recently, a father-daughter team completed a cross-country road trip powered solely by AutoGas, proving that AutoGas can provide an ill-advised, close quarters trip that starts of well and ends with regretful remarks about one another and a trash filled car just like gasoline or diesel. Read more.
  • Greenville County, SC is converting 100 of its vehicles to run on autogas. The company converting the vehicles is called Light ‘N’ Up, which is coincidentally the feeling you get when you use autogas. Read more.
  • Appropriately named Peninsula Propane of Florida along with Cobb (Salad) and (Lewis) Carroll counties of Georgia  are converting their vehicles to autogas. Read more.
  • Portland, Ore. schools are converting their buses to propane because….think of the children! Read more.
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    I live in the San Diego area and am very interested in joining a Propane Distribution Co. Do you know of any companies that offer an affiliate program?

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