High C.A.R.B. Diet for Autogas Vehicles

There are two types of certifications for aftermarket alternative fuel vehicle conversions. The first is EPA certification. Pretty standard really. There is an application process followed by bureaucracy, then tests and data, more bureaucracy, and then, hopefully, the applicant is certified to convert a certain make and model of vehicles to run on propane. It’s a highly necessary process since our nation desperately needs cleaner air and bureaucracy.

The second certification comes from the California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B.). C.A.R.B. certification tends to be a bit more elusive. They require more tests, data and I assume bureaucracy than EPA certification and can be stricter in some of their requirements. Other states are jumping on board, and they are adopting these regulations. I assume it’s because eventually everyone wants to seem cool, and let’s face it-California is cool. They have celebrities. Or maybe certain states looked at the picture below and decided, “If it works for them then it will probably work for us.” But I am not here to speculate on reasons (I know it’s because of celebrities). I am here to shed some light on this confusing world of alternative fuels.

California: They need everything they can get

I have compiled for your reading pleasure (but mostly so you don’t have to look it up) a list of states that have adopted C.A.R.B. regulations. If your state is listed below then you will need to check with any dealers or conversion centers about the laws and whether they have the right certifications.








New Jersey

New Mexico

New York



Rhode Island



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