Alt fuel news roundup: 5/30/2013

In today’s alternative fuel fleet news roundup, we cover headlines about alternative fuel roadshows, fleets switching to domestic clean fuel and more:

  • Experts from Alliance AutoGas and ROUSH CleanTech recently spoke with a couple Georgia city and county governments about the benefits of running vehicles on propane autogas.

  • How is FedEx reducing its fuel use and emissions?

  • A GE Capital Fleet Services survey finds that driver safety is a number one concern among fleet managers.

  • Propane autogas vehicle technology was in the spotlight at last week’s Police Fleet Expo in Fort Worth, Texas. Operating on autogas can save law enforcement fleets thousands on fuel costs annually, in addition to the increased vehicle range offered with bi-fuel autogas systems.

  • A California transit fleet has introduced new hybrid diesel electric buses to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

  • A city in Alabama is switching to biodiesel fuel to power heavy equipment, and expects to save $10k per year in tax credits for using alternative fuel.

  • Meanwhile, the Wilmington International Airport has saved about 8 percent on energy costs by greening its operations, including running mowers on clean propane.

  • An alternative fuel roadshow is headed to Georgia from 9 a.m.-noon June 13 at Savannah Technical College.

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