Alliance AutoGas launches new video series for fleets

This week, Alliance AutoGas released the first in a series of educational videos about the world’s most proven alternative fuel: propane autogas. The alternative fuel video “curriculum” is designed to inform organizations with vehicle fleets about the benefits of switching to clean, cost-effective autogas.

In this first video, Alliance AutoGas President Stuart Weidie delves into the many reasons propane autogas is a solid choice to power U.S. fleets, such as:

  • 98 percent of the U.S. propane autogas supply is made in America.

  • Autogas tanks are 20 times more puncture resistant than gasoline tanks.

  • Autogas stations are affordable–especially compared to CNG stations, which can cost $1.5 million.

  • Organizations can achieve ROI with autogas technology in as little as one year.

  • Autogas has averaged about $1.50 per gallon less than gasoline for the past seven years.

  • Refueling with autogas is just as quick as filling up with gasoline.

  • Autogas delivers similar performance and driving range relative to gasoline vehicles.

  • Fleets can convert existing vehicles to autogas or purchase brand new autogas vehicles.

  • Autogas conversions typically cost about half as much as natural gas vehicles conversions.

  • Alliance AutoGas will not only install an autogas station for a fleet at no upfront cost, but also provides all the training fleets need to launch and sustain an autogas program

Subscribe to the Alliance AutoGas YouTube channel for new episodes in the autogas video series this spring, or visit the Alliance AutoGas website for more information on running your fleet on affordable, American-made autogas.

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