GE Capital Fleet Services unveils Vehicle Innovation Center

GE Vehicle Innovation Center - Photo via Pioneer Press, courtesy of GE Capital Fleet Services

Big news this week coming out of Eden Prairie, Minnesota: in a major move to encourage more U.S. fleets to utilize domestic alternative fuels, GE Capital Fleet Services has unveiled a clean vehicle technology testing ground for commercial fleets called the “Vehicle Innovation Center.”

The first of its kind, the facility has a half-mile test-drive track, a vehicle center with models from 20 manufacturers of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles, and 6,000 square feet of classrooms and showrooms. Featured vehicles include those powered by propane autogas, electricity, natural gas, hydrogen and more.

America’s fleets are leading the way in adopting alternative fuel technology, and representatives from GE say they’re committed to helping put more of these clean vehicles on the road. Fleet managers from across the country will be invited to test-drive vehicles and learn more about how clean, affordable fuels like autogas can benefit their fleets.

“We believe that businesses, through their company fleets, can lead the way in putting drivers across the country and around the world into cleaner, more productive vehicles,” said Deb Frodl, chief strategy officer for GE Capital Fleet Services. “The best way to accelerate adoption of alternative fuel cars and trucks is to experience them. Once they get behind the wheel, they can see that these vehicles are real and ready for action.”

The opening of this center by such a well-established American corporation like GE is a positive step toward the widespread adoption of alternative fuel vehicles for our nation’s fleets. The more fleet operators are able to experience firsthand the performance and cost-savings benefits of clean vehicle technology, the more they will make the switch American-made fuels like autogas.

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